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“Some summer days are inadvertently beautiful. Maybe not some, maybe all of those summer days, all those spent in our special corner by the purple peonies are just by itself beautiful.”

Mumbai, a city where they say dreams come to life. A house in Mumbai is considered to be your sanctity, a space where you build yourself into every corner and weave it into little dreams. This is where Hello, December! was born.

A bright summer, cooked bajra salad looking like sparkling diamonds with little beads of pomegranate and the special Indian masala - right by the purple peonies I was talking about. On such a day, I looked over my little pad and was thinking of ways to create a world of imagination here, right here in my abode. 

And as I was looking at all the shopping options available to me - I couldn’t find a single option that would play music to my imagination and build on my creativity. And I longed for this - but I did find something. I found the treasure of Independent designers in India that were creating magic with their art and that there were so many of them building products that would make any home sing and dance with joy.

And that’s when I decided that every woman across the globe should be able to build on her creativity and live her imagination with these adventurous independent designers from India.

Hello, December! is a platform that brings you closer to designers who challenge the status quo and create a sense of enjoyment which is far away from the bustle of latest trends and what’s hot for the season. It’s right from the heart - it’s where your discovery of what could be; begins.

I, wanted to go all over the country, meet, chat, have chai, play a game of scrabble and have long conversations about the soul of their products with these designers and bring their products to you - which consists of home decor, living, beauty, gifts, a little bit of just our favourite apparel, accessories, those irresistible books and so much more - all that would suit the signature Hello, December! Style - Relaxed, Timeless, Unique.

Here I present to you: Hello, December! an idea created into a platform right from my heart and built by my team with the support of all the designers we’ve collaborated with - just for all you wonderful women out there. We are signing off with a promise of bringing a world of goodness right on your screen and being a part of your journey with creativity for time to come.

Love, December.