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Sar Studio

Hirundo 350 - Side Table

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What it is?

Hirundo is entirely handcrafted
Using solid wood for its structure while the trays features
A traditional indian technique of hand hammered copper.

How It's Made?

Customarily in India, you will always be welcomed with a steaming hot cup of chai or refreshing beverage, which are traditionally served in a tray. This was the french designer, quentin’s idea behind the hirundo, a simple arrangement of a hammered copper tray, perched perfectly on a crisscross oak framework; an almost primitive construct, yet nimble and versatile in any space. The removable tray suggests the everyday need for items to travel around the house - like the migrating hirundo which always returns to its home. The copper tray is hammered by hand, a meticulous task which requires utmost precision in each stroke of the hammer. It is unabashedly ornamental, yet completely functional, adorned by the beauty of its timelessness. The copper trays are produced in collaboration with studio coppre, a pune based social venture which is working to revive traditional metalcraft and preserve artisanal skills.

Material & Dimensions:

Structure :
Beech wood,

Tray :

Length : 53.5 cm / 21 in
Width : 53.5 cm / 21 in
Height : 35 cm / 13.7 in

You'd love to know:

Hand Made 
Fair Trade 
Made In India

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