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Ikai Asai

Redolent - Salad Serving Set

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What it is?
Golden broth, a wooden spoon, their warm touch, fortunate are those who live for the little pleasures. 

How It's Made?
Material: Wood

How to care for it?

- Clean your vessels immediately after you use them.
- Soak a soft sponge in tepid water, apply mild dish soap and gently rub your vessel clean.
- On cleaning, dry the woodwork with a soft towel and let it sit out overnight to air-dry as well.
- Irrespective of your usage, you will need to do a monthly upkeep ritual to maintain the colour and shine of the wood. To do this, you will need a soft cloth and conditioning oil. After cleaning the woodwork, gently rub a liberal amount of conditioning oil onto all sides of the vessel. Make sure to get the sides and bottom of the vessel as well. Set the vessel on a towel to let the oil sink in for a few hours, then apply a second coat. Repeat, until the bowl does not absorb any more oil. Then with a clean and soft cloth, gently rub off any oily residue left over. This process instantaneously restores the vessel’s original vibrancy and colour.

- Store the vessel in a cabinet without letting it fully dry to prevent swelling and cracks.
- Submerge the vessel in the water, to prevent swellings and cracks.
- Leave your vessel to soak or to dry naturally, lest it cracks or warps.
- Store your vessel in the fridge.
- Leave moist food in it for a long time or overnight.
- Use a dishwasher to wash or rinse the vessel.

Specifications: Set of 2

Dimensions: Length: 24.6, Height: 7.2, Breadth: 2.6

    You'd love to know:

    • Hand Made
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Cruelty-Free
    • Fair Trade
    • Organic
    • Made In India

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