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Ikai Asai

Soneri -Kansa Soup Bowl

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What it is?
Channelling the inner healer, the smith collects the alloys of purity and melts them into alluring pieces of hollowed gold.

How It's Made?
Material: Kansa

How to care for it?

- Clean your vessels immediately after you use them.
- Soak a soft sponge in tepid water, apply mild detergent and gently rub your vessel clean.
- You can also use natural home remedies to clean your metalware, such as gently rubbing it with a mixture of imli (tamarind), lemon and salt.
- Apart from detergent, you can use store-available solutions that are specifically made for cleaning traditional metalware such as Pitambari, Dara or Brasso.
- Make sure to wipe your metalware dry with a clean cloth, this helps to retain its natural gleam.

- Eat excessively pungent or sour food in your metalware.
- Stack the metalware in the sink while washing.
- Use a stainless steel/metal scrubber to clean.
- Use a dishwasher to rinse or wash these products.
- Use a microwave to heat food in these products.
- Store food in the vessels overnight or for a long time.

Dimensions: Length: 16, Height: 5, Breadth: 16, Dia: 16

You'd love to know:

  • Hand Made
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Fair Trade
  • Organic
  • Made In India

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