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Stackable Square basket

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What it is?

Designed to organize wardrobes or to be paired with our shelving system, these eco-friendly, stackable, bamboo baskets are handwoven and have a smooth and clean finish.

Woven in the small villages, deep in Madhya Pradesh, by the artistic hands of local crafts men/women, reviving their extinction traditional culture and skills, these bamboo based stackable storage baskets are iconically styled in contemporary fashion peacocking the subtlety and panache in the era old handicraft styles. The weaving is simple, smooth and has a clean finish. These intricately woven baskets in natural warm tones, can be used stand alone, for organizing, in wardrobes, washroom or any other space or can be paired with our shelving system, providing flexibility and freshness to furnishing.

How to care for it:
  1. Regular Cleaning: Keep your product(s) clean and dry with regular dusting with a soft and dry cloth. This is vital for the longevity of the products(s) and keeping unwanted guests like molds etc. away.
  2. For something a little stickier, rub with a dry microfiber cloth gently, to give a bit more cleaning power.
  3. Do not expose the product(s) to any kind of moisture or water content. Prolonged exposure to water or humidity becomes an open invitation to undesired microbes, decreasing the life of the product(s).
  4. Let the product breathe: Unpack the product(s) as soon as you receive them. Make sure they are not kept packed for more than 24 hours.
  5. Store in an airy and dry location. Fresh air is vital for the longevity of the products(s).
  6. We will recommend keeping the indoor furniture, lighting products, and other accessories indoor to maximize their life span unless the product is labeled for outdoor use.
  7. Do not soak in water or use abrasive substances.


Dimensions: LXBXH(mm): 465 X 425 X 215

Dispatch Time: 15 working days

Material: Bamboo

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