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An Invitation To Boho Maximalism 💌

An Invitation To Boho Maximalism 💌

Never was it more official than now—More is more!

And the good part about that is that there are no rules. Boho chic maximalism is such a colourful white canvas (paradox intended) for you to play with that you can just add or change a few pieces around to feel like a whole new pleasant upheaval in your space.

Well, on that note, we might just have a few pieces to soothe your eclectic, patternful, maximalist cravings on the December shop along with a pleasant reminder: Summer is coming

Sepia Side Table

We started this off by saying “there are no rules” and we mean it. Now, our Sepia Side Table may belong in your bedroom or library but it doesn’t have to if your living room is calling for patternful furniture! 

Gulnaz Mirror

Did you know mirrors create an illusion of a larger space? Here’s another good reason why Gulnaz Mirror might not just be for your doorway. Any room you feel needs to start reflecting spaciousness, a mirror is a good touch.

Handmade Ceramic Pendant Light - Shroom

Love and light. That’s not a message off a wedding favour but pretty much our love letter to lights. While dining table roofs and floor lamps in corners is a good idea, there’s a new playbook for lights of your choice called “play them your way”.

Kensington Sofa

Blue is the new beige. There, we said it. What beige sofa is to minimalists, blue couches are to maximalists. Need we say more? Time to bring home Kensington!

Habitat Desert Cactus Cushions

We cannot think of a place that cannot have cushions. We are thinking couches, arm chairs, swing chairs, or even bookshelves for accents. Where are you thinking?

Tell us a must-have in your maximalist home. Even better, share it with us. WhatsApp us on 9-151515-446 or tag us on Instagram -


Team December

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