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A Pinterest-planner’s guide to summer bruncheon! 🌞

A Pinterest-planner’s guide to summer bruncheon! 🌞

Imagine. It’s summer. It’s a Sunday.

If getting out of bed wasn’t hard enough, you now have a bunch of people who love to eat coming over.

Rewind to two days ago. You couched up for two hours Instagramming the hell out of beautiful brunch ideas, saved some gorgeous looking pins on Pinterest, only to never look at them again.

Let’s be real: planning can be hard especially if you love doing it to the absolute T with no idea where to begin. If this looks like a chapter out of your unwritten biography, we got you!

Set the date, time, and venue

Make it convenient so that people can make it.

Send out the invites

A message should do the trick…unless you’re all extra like us who believe in creating themed virtual cards.

What’s on the menu?

Plan to keep the spirits high and flowing with lots of summer-themed cocktails and fresh dishes


The ins and outs of seating

If you have a patio, spring it up with oodles of florals. If not, deck up your planters and vases to bring the outdoors inside.

The heart of the table

Let out your inner boho child and spread it around the table with the real party starters: table decor.

Think of the big and small of things

Tall glasses or short? Or both? Big plates or small? Or both? Let your menu be your guiding light to arrange the tableware you’ll need.

The last thing playing on your mind…

Can be the first thing to banter over at the brunch - Who controls the music? Save that for some other day and create a playlist that ascendingly goes from welcoming your folks to getting them into the groove.

We’ve got a December summer brunch playlist, if that’s your vibe: Listen here!

Download this checklist! 


Team December

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