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“Life’s too short to wait for candlelight dinners”: Overheard at December HQ

“Life’s too short to wait for candlelight dinners”: Overheard at December HQ

On a usual day around our virtual round table, I heard one of us say

“Life’s too short to wait for candlelight dinners”.

And I just thought to myself—how freaking right is that! Candles are too precious to be waiting for dinners. So, here I am…making “Candlelight Chai” a thing.

Out of the many things, I also got my love for candles from my mama. 🥰
I remember going to the Saturday bazaar around the block with her where she would pick up her favourites from the limited choices back then—Lavender Rosemary and Orange Cinnamon. Guests or no guests, every evening she would religiously light them in different corners of our home, placing them carefully to avoid burning her precious plants. 

Ever since, I’ve thought to myself—candles make great companions. ✨

From nonchalant observers on a dinner table for two to party-starters on a table full of friends, in the darker times of the day, they’re mood lifters for a reason. But did you know candlelighting during the day comes with its own set of.. well.. benefits? (for me, just another excuse to secure more candle stash!)

Make it a part of your me time morning chai rituals and see your pattern of thoughts change. Or maybe a mid-day book soirée? A scented candle is a great touch. And have you tried catching forty winks with a candle by your bedside? 

Here are 5 of my newest favourites from the December shop to invite nirvana over for a house party.

My current mantra: Wake up and Ocean Mist! Love this with my morning sun.


Smells like pinacolada with a floral twist. Fair to call it my vacation candle.

EVIL EYE | MOGRA | Scented Candle

Everyone who knows me, knows my penchant for Turkish evil eye motifs. Now this one smells as good as it looks.

Positive Vibes | Sugar Citrus | Clear Bubble Bowl

Fresh and reinvigorating. This candle is like a mental peace workout. 


This one’s for my elaborate table settings and shenanigans.


Let me know if you try them? I could help you pick a few by your choice of fragrance.

Let’s chat on 9-151515-446. 


Team Hello December

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