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What more to do with your planters! 🌱

What more to do with your planters! 🌱

Many of us have been charged with being terrible plant parents who are often left wondering...

“What do I do next with this pretty planter I bought?”

More often than not, they become permanent members of the store room club but the good news is…they don’t have to! The experiments at December HQ are quite the saviour. 😎

Turn them into decor ornaments 🏮

Double Up The Function ✌🏽

If your planter or vase has a narrow neck like the Aurora Vase from the December shop, it’ll make for a great candle holder. Set it up on your dinner table or reading corner for some extra warmth. 🤗

Put a wide-necked and wide-bottomed planter/vase to good use by doubling it up as a cutlery holder. Just make sure it is sturdy enough to hold the weight and glistening like the Orb Brass Vase to add sparkle to the occasions. ✨

Make room for more storage 🎁

How much space is too much space? There is never enough room to store trinkets and other small objects that get lost in the abyss of your home. If your planter is spread out with a wide mouth and bottom, you can use it to secure away your little pieces of joy. 🎉

Find a new way to hold your keys 🗝

Not all planters were made equal. This one like the Terracotta Planters - Rainbow sits just right in the doorway aisles like in plant corners. Instead of leaving your keys on the table, use your planter/vase with enough volume to chuck in your keys or odd bills you need to keep handy. Thank us later! ❤️

Got more ideas to multiway with your planters and vases? We’d love to see! 👀


Team December

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