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Work desk (minor improvements, major goals)

Work desk (minor improvements, major goals)

In between multitasking and work-life balance and all that jazz, COVID happened and reset many routines. Work has gone from being a place away from home to being a place in your home, partially or all times of the week. 🏢...🏠

Amidst the blurred lines, comes the elephant in the room: Productivity. Whether you work from the office, home or on a hybrid model, your work space is key. No matter the environment around you, where you sit down to work and call your personal work space needs to give you the mind, the space, and the mind space to work.

Even the neatest, most clutter-free and “ideal” work spaces need a little bit of refresh every now and then. Make these small changes to your work space for better productivity, creativity, and mindfulness. 😌

Plants are a vibe. Lower the stress, up the creativity with these bloomers in your work space. Clean air is a plus-plus!🪴

Word of advice: Add plants that require less watering and adapt to low sunlight levels for easy maintenance.

Sipping clean, organic tea (in quantities you’re watching for yourself) is known to increase concentration. Make it fun with mugs that hold them for you. ☕️

P.S. They can double up as pen holders, candle stands, and many other things!

Candles are such mood lifters! Light up and watch your mood go from 0 to 10 even on a Monday. MONDAY, yes!

Pro tip: Choose scents that make you feel at ease. You want them to add to your environment, not distract you from it. 🕯

What’s on your work desk? Send us a picture and let us know via @lovehellodecember on Instagram.


Team Hello December

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